Creating cluster

Composite Cluster of St. Petersburg was founded in March 2015 with the purpose of formation of competence centers in the field of composite materials and their products, enhance the competitiveness of cluster members and effectively creating a cooperative partnership network.

The purpose of the Cluster

The basic idea of the Cluster - to provide industry St. Petersburg modern high-tech composite products, conversion of existing infrastructure technology platforms based on new solutions.

The main objectives of the cluster:

Creation of production and technological chains, producing the final composite products with a high degree of processing;

Creation and development of institutional mechanisms for the effective preparation and implementation of cluster projects, to assess their effectiveness, storage and future use of the knowledge gained;

Creation and development of existing research and production capacity, including resources and shared facilities;

Creating a concentrated specialized production facilities for cluster members;

Development and effective use of PR-instruments for the promotion of composite materials and technologies among their potential customers;

Development of the system of professional training and improvement of professional skill.

Cluster’s organization:

Cluster’s Projects

Creating a line of fishing boats using composite materials and products.

Travel small boats, catamarans using composite materials and products production and sales.

Construction of bridges and pedestrian crossings with the use of composite materials.

Metal protection technology nanostructured composite.

The technology of radio transparent metal protection.


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Development Strategy Presentation Composite Cluster of St. Petersburg

Presentation «Composite Cluster of Saint-Petersburg»