Composite cluster created in Saint-Petersburg.

Cluster mission is promotion of composite quality materials materials for industrial enterprises of Saint-Petersburg. It was created in the Center of cluster development of the Saint-Petersburg. As expected the new structure will provide the principal industries of the city are shipbuilding, energy, transportation engineering, construction, housing and utilities, modern high-tech composite products. In the meeting dedicated to the creation of the cluster, involved more than 25 local companies and organizations with unique expertise in the field of production and application of composite materials and products, including well-known scientific-production companies, design and scientific research institutes, large industrial enterprises, innovative industry small and medium-sized businesses. Given the necessity and effectiveness of interaction, sharing of existing resources, development and production of a new product, a common marketing programs, training programs and personnel training, the participants entered into a multilateral agreement and discussed the direction and strategy of cluster development, has formed administration. Management organization established cluster is the Center for cluster development of Saint-Petersburg. It is planned that further to the implementation of joint cluster projects, building scientific-production chains, industrial cooperation will be joined by other Saint-Petersburg enterprises, universities and educational organizations.

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