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Pediment +

Pediment Company - the leading Russian manufacturer of small architectural forms made of composite material.

The company operates in the urban equipment market since 1999.

We have developed (regulations) and implemented a system of information signs of urban passenger transport (ATG) in St. Petersburg. We have developed street furniture - bus shelters and signs of HPT were included in the urban regulations for small architectural forms and were subsequently implemented.

In 2007, we developed a new polished stone manufacturing technology of composite material with the inclusion of natural stone aggregate (marble, granite, limestone, quartz, serpentine, jasper, and others). From 2007 to the steel technology made hardscape Elite and Premium - benches, flower pots, urns, modular systems "bench-florist-urn" vertical flower, multifunctional enclosures, wall and floor vases, containers and other large-sized plants (different sizes, shapes, textures).

In 2012, it developed and implemented a project to create a facing material on the basis of our patented manufacturing technology of polished stone.

Located in the development project of a facing material of increased fire resistance of the composites.

The company's products

We have many years of creating products for the decoration of the interior of the various public buildings (interior), for the improvement and design of urban areas.

The company's products - benches, flower pots, urns, modular systems "bench-florist-urn" vertical flower, multifunctional enclosures, wall and floor vases, containers for large plants, multi-level beds and other products.

Our products are used for:

landscaping of urban areas,

improvement of courtyards,

gardening balconies and flat roofs of houses,

Your input into any residential and public buildings,

interior design of shopping complexes, entertainment centers, office buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, sports centers, banks and others.

Among the decorated objects of trade and entertainment complexes, shopping centers, recreation centers, day care and educational facilities, office buildings, buildings for administrative purposes, concert halls, theaters, sports, exhibition centers and other.

Our products have a long service life, unpretentious in operation, easy to care for, are well suited for installation in the street and on the premises, practical. They are distinguished by:

lightness (lighter than comparable products made of metal and concrete in 4-5 times)

strength (level on steel)

exceptional chemical resistance (with respect to alkalis, acids, organic solvents, oils, detergents)

resistance to biological effects (the formation and development of mold, mildew, etc.)

high corrosion resistance

ease of caulking compounds and (if necessary)

wide range of colors (the possibility of manufacturing products of any color on the classic color palette to RAL, I also can manufacture the LFA under a stone with the inclusion of chips of natural stones (marble, granite, limestone, quartz, serpentine, jasper, and others). It is possible to simulate different materials and textures ).

temperature operating conditions from -50 to + 50 ° C;

environmental Safety;

low thermal conductivity (heat equally to sit on the benches and in the heat and cold)

Our products are certified in the Russian Federation in accordance with the normative legal acts of the Russian Federation.

Company Contact Information

Address: St. Petersburg, riv. embankment Smolenka, d.33, of.487

Phone: (812) 327-56-84