Kolpino plant of composite materials LLC "Plant Kolpinsky composite materials"


Dmitri Gerasimov

Description of the enterprise

LLC " Kolpinsky Plant of composite materials" - a plant for the production of composite mater the SMC, as well as the production of products based on it, obtained by hot pressing. The design capacity of the plant - 8000 tons of SMC annually.

The company's products

Automotive: parts of trucks and cars.

Electrical Equipment: assembly and distribution cabinets, cases of street fixtures, insulators.

Railroad car: the interior parts of passenger cars, locomotives control panel, body parts, gondola cars hatches.

Infrastructure objects: chairs for stadiums, benches, hatches (sewerage and telecommunications), gullies, water taking trays, boxes, mailboxes, parking bollards.

Interior doors, bathtubs, shower trays, sinks, wall cladding panels.





196650, St-Petersburg, Kolpino, Finlyandskaya street 38-A

Phone: +7 (812) 401-61-30

Email: info@kzkm.ru