LLC "Basis" (TM "Lehar") manufactures products made of composite materials. The main focus for many years has been manufacturing products for individual orders. We find solutions for unusual problems: design and material are at the same time, while it could be as a single specimen or a series of products.

Production base allows full cycle of works:

planning and design;

manufacturing of equipment;

manufacturing of products;

warranty service.

Products are manufactured by contact molding and vacuum forming.


The unique properties of composites make it possible to produce products of almost any shape, size, color. They can also be transparent or translucent, tinted in color (in this case, the possibility of internal lights), with fillers - metallic, artificial and mineral crumbs phosphors.

At the same products have a relatively low weight, nice surface (it can be glossy, matte, textured), high resistance to external influences.

Cases of boats and yachts

Consoles, dashboards, interactive desk

Panels and sewing the outer and inner decoration of public buildings, bas-reliefs, columns, capitals, balusters, cornices, roofs and domes, outdoor furniture and flowerpots

Voluminous shapes, decorations and furniture film and television studios

Non-standard solutions in advertising: models of products, racks

Containers of various purpose: swimming pools, font, fountain bowls, galvanic baths and containers for corrosive liquids

- This is only part of the products made on the orders of our customers.

The second direction of our activity - to develop its own products line. Launched three groups of products:

- Shipbuilding: kayaks, boats for fishing and recreation,

- Composite housing equipment, for example pumps chemically resistant,

- Landscaping: decorative covers for manholes and septic tanks, three-dimensional figures, large outdoor chess.

"Basis" Ltd. (TM "Lehar")

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