LLC "Design and Research Institute" SEVZAPMOSTPROEKT "


Garamov Oleg V.

Design and Research Institute "Sevzapmostproekt" established in 2003 by graduates and post-graduate students of the Department "Bridges" St. Petersburg State University of Railways.

The first works of the Institute were dimensioned and work-finding bridges and culverts railway lines: art. Vologda - Art. Bui Northern Railway; Art. Viborg - Art. Kamennogorsk October railroad; Art.Novy Urengoy - Art. Yamburg in the Yamal - Nenets Autonomous District.

The creation of the Institute made a doctor of technical sciences, professor SR Vladimir, who was involved in the development of work-finding programs and their scientific - technical support. Sergey Rostislavovich repeatedly personally went to the objects of work in various regions of the Russian Federation passed a unique experience Mostovik more young professionals. A number of studies has been closely involved Head of Department "Bridges" St. Petersburg State University of Communications, Professor VN Smirnov and other members of the department. Participation in the works of eminent experts helped to quickly master the experience-finding work, their organization by switching to a market economy, adding to the modern technical facilities and information technology.

During the work of the Institute took part in the work on the design of artificial structures, road and rail approaches to the Baltic NPP under construction, detours SELA, railway lines Kuragino - Kyzyl, Losevo - Kamennogorsk, Kotelnikovo - Crimean, Repair - Gashun, Salekhard - Nadym, a combined road railway bridge across the river. Ob River near Salekhard, bridges across the river Vuonnemyok in the Murmansk region, and others. The structure of the Institute is a department of engineering surveys and building structures survey, conducted research and development to preserve the stability of bridge piers during construction in permafrost conditions and continuous monitoring (Monitoring) designs for the state.

In the period 2005 - 2008 GG were performed-finding work of artificial structures on the railways for the project: Saint - Petersburg - Buslovskaja; Saint Petersburg - Moscow; Saint - Petersburg - Sonkovo; St. Petersburg - Baby village; Chinyavoryk - Timan; Midnight - Ob. According to government contracts made-finding work of pipe bridges and roads in Rostov - on - Don, Leningrad, Orenburg, Kaliningrad, Vologda and Novgorod regions. In the first half of 2009 performed research work on inspection of the surrounding buildings in the construction of social and business center "Okhta", later - a similar job for Lakhta center.

C 2010. The Institute offers services for the integrated design of road and bridge facilities with the performance of the functions of the general designer.

In 2011, contracts with private, state and municipal customers to execute a complex design and survey work for the construction of a road junction on the road in the city of Kirovsk Murmansk region, highway bridges across the river with approaches Most Keteme in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Kamchatka Peninsula Goltsovka , Cna in the Tambov region, artificial structures on Skrīveri - Krustnils Latvian railway, pedestrian bridges across the river Mzymta under the project "Mining and tourist center of OJSC" Gazprom "in Sochi, a road bridge across the Ardon river (rep North Ossetia.).

In the same year the branch Institute in the city of Rostov-on-Don was opened, where the order of ISU "Management of construction of transport infrastructure" made under project schedule and survey work on the projects:

- Reconstruction of the pedestrian crossing on the street. Menzhinsky;

- Overhaul of the bridge across the river Temernik Street. Sheboldaeva and Lane Underground;

- Construction of a road bridge at the site of st. Sand through Temernik river.

In March 2012, he was made the move from rented premises adapted to its own premises at Leninsky Prospect, 104, the internal layout of which is made on an individual project, in accordance with the requirements of rational distribution of project teams.




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