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Manufacturing injection stone technology was founded in 1994 by a group of enthusiasts, who brought the technology and the first form of the US. Since then, more than 20 years, the company has accumulated vast experience, made hundreds of unique shapes, developed a number of technological solutions and millions of ready-made products. Today, our company remains true to the traditions of quality and individual approach to each client, at the same time using the full potential of science and technology for sustainable development. Made by injection of stone technology, products are on the market under its own brand sales.

We have modern production equipment and highly qualified personnel for the production of artificial stone of high quality.

Production company «Garnet-Neva» more than 10 years is on the market their products - artificial stone under the trade brand "Litke".

1. The most modern and professional technical equipment on a production area of ​​over 500 square meters, excluding the warehouse and auxiliary facilities.

2. Laboratory on the production line under the supervision of Certified Professionals allows analyzes and tests, thereby expanding the range of color, strength characteristics and product quality.

3. The number of forms is more than 200 units.

4. Use only the production of certified raw materials from reliable suppliers.

5. Operating and mounting structure with the experience of an average of 5 years.

Artificial stone of our production is a material composed of minerals such as onyx, granite, dolomite, quartz, marble, linked synthetic resins. We use only reliable suppliers of synthetic resins having the necessary licenses and certificates. All resins used by us, are completely safe for human health. Products made of injection molding of our artificial stone is possible with the courage to recommend the use in children's institutions.

i Warm to the touch, a nice touch to it

Stone bad conductor of heat due to the content in quartz stone chips. The bad heat conductivity means that the window sill of our stone will not freeze in winter, and if you put a hand on him, or sit down, you can feel the comfort comparable to a plastic windowsill, but rapping, our stone will emit a shrill sound of the stone. Comparing with acrylic products, our stone will be harder, but similar in thermal conductivity.

i Zharostoek. Hot items on the surface do not leave traces

Operating temperatures for artificial stone: from -50 to +180 degrees C. You can safely put hot items on the surface of the stone. The absence of cracks in the body of the stone ensures the safety of products after repeated heating and cooling.

i is not afraid of water, does not absorb oil, does not retain odors

In contrast to products made of particleboard, wood, natural stone and artificial stone with a rough surface, our products do not absorb liquid and easily cleaned of any contaminants. Lack of water and micropores warrants the development of bacteria in the body of the stone.

i Chemically neutral

Experiments have shown that the surface of the stone does not react with the liquid used in the home.

i material completely safe for humans

All applicable chemical ingredients are suitable for indoor use only.

i Resistant to UV, does not fade with age

Lifetime warranty against fading products.

i Available any forms of products, a large range of colors and textures

We are always happy to implement bold ideas of customers. With extensive experience in solving complex problems, we can do that cannot afford our competitors.

i Strong and durable

Artificial stone has cracks inherent in natural stone. The surface is easily and quickly restored even from severe damage.