FSUE "Krylov State Research Center" (FSUE "KGNTS")

Цыбулевский Яков Борисович

MAIN APPLICATIONS KM in shipbuilding,

which operates FSUE "KGNTS"

the hull, superstructure, deckhouse and mast tower-construction of surface ships;

hull and superstructure of vessels for various purposes, including high-speed boats, hovercrafts and WIG;

exterior designs, fences sliding devices, stabilizers and control surfaces, and volumes pens additional buoyancy underwater technical means;

internals supporting frame structures and foundations for power equipment;

propellers and shafts, anti-vibration couplings;

containers for various purposes for the transportation and storage of petroleum products, liquefied and compressed gases;

structural elements of the protection of surface ships.


working in the field of intelligent products following:

design rules and methods for calculating strength, acoustic and electromagnetic characteristics of constructions and articles KM;

design buildings, superstructures of ships and vessels, as well as elements of the ship equipment from the CM, developed for specific projects;

manufacturing technology and products from KM shipbuilding destination using the latest high-tech molding methods;

test results and analysis of experimental and field structures and units of the CM, the performance, and special types of impacts;

examination of project documents of ships and vessels, marine engineering products and equipment, which are used by the CM.

FSUE "KGNTS" is currently participating in the federal program in terms of the development of new Cabinet on the basis of domestic reinforcing materials and binders that provides a replacement for imported raw materials used today.

1. Elling static and life tests of large structures Ersi.

Elling area 48h24 m is equipped with a power floor, walls and ceiling, providing resource and conducting static tests of large field of ship structures and engineering structures to arbitrary types of loading. Certified in the international system of quality DAkkS.

2. Complex ground hydro baric DK stands.

It provides strength tests deep-water technology facilities, including full-scale housing units inhabited by direct exposure to water pressure in the range covering the depths of the oceans. Certified in the international system of quality DAkkS.

3. Fully composite hull trawler pr. 12700.

The use of a single-walled shell plating, manufactured by vacuum infusion, sandwich panels decks and bulkheads with filler foam reduces structural weight, cost and complexity of their manufacture. Guarantees strength applied design solutions are confirmed experimentally.

4. Testing the full-scale model of a composite stabilizer submarine.

Created technology of designing and manufacturing elements of the outer hull of submarines of hybrid FRP based on a combination of glass and carbon fiber reinforced plastics, which provides reduction of structural weight and increase performance.

5. The superstructure of the corvette project 20380, made of polymer composite materials.

Experimentally proven technology create superstructures of ships on the basis of three-layer corrugated panel construction reduces weight compared with superstructures of aluminum alloys and high performance of radio absorption.

6. Tests insulation membrane made of polymer composite materials for storage and marine transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Created import substitution, which does not require a license and technical support payment, technology of production and assembly of composite sealing and insulating panels for cryogenic membrane tanks intended for marine transportation and storage of LNG at a temperature of minus 165 ° C.

7. The prototype aircraft wing winged surface of carbon fiber.

Developed and experimentally tested technology of composite heavy duty construction of high-speed craft and WIG with high weight efficiency and operational reliability

The nanocomposite

Name of the company: "Research and Production Complex "nanocomposite" (SPC "nanocomposite")

Founded in 2013 as a production company focused on industrial serial production of high-tech innovative products - composite materials of various kinds and their components.

The company's products

Dry mixtures of additives for the production of nanostructured light structural concrete.

Fields of application:

bridge construction

high-rise building

earthquake engineering

Multifunctional self-sealing composite coating on the epoxy binder "EpoksiPAN".


A comprehensive long-term surface protection of concrete and metal, which are in a moist, chemically and biologically active media: tunnels, reservoirs, cooling towers, water treatment plants, underground utilities, port construction, septic tanks, elements of bridges, metal fences, buildings, facades, details of critical structures and other special structures.

Metal-rolling current collection items Moscow Monorail.

High yield oil-filled self-lubricating plain bearings made by powder metallurgy.

Modified basalt microfiber.

Dry mixtures of additives used in the projects of the reconstruction of major bridges:

The bridge across the river. Volga Kimry (designer of JSC "Institute Stroiproekt"), 2007 .;

The bridge across the river. Vyatka (designer of JSC "Institute Stroiproekt"), 2008 .;

Bridge "Druzhba" through the Saimaa Canal, city Vybog (designer of JSC "Petersburg Road"), 2011 .;

East Bridge over the river. Volga Tver (designer of "Transmost"), the implementation of 2013 .;

Big Moskvoretsky bridge Moscow (designer of "GvinPin") project is planned for implementation.

Multifunctional self-sealing composite coating on the epoxy binder "EpoksiPAN" applied:

repair of reinforced concrete structures Belorechenskaya HPP

repair of metal tanks treatment plants Southwest CHP SPb.

Company Contact Information

Address: 194044, St. Petersburg, str. Commissioner Smirnova, 15, of.519

Phone: 8-964-334-31-51

E-mail: 3343151@gmail.com

Website: http://www.nano-compozit.ru