New Silicon Technology

In 2008-2009, the company Flint New technology, a method was developed and created pilot production, allowing to grow on standard silicon wafers of crystalline silicon carbide layer with a thickness of up to a tenth of a few tens of microns.

The organization of "tubing" was established in August 2008 to file an application in the "Rosnano" in January 2010, the application was denied by the expert commission with the participation of domestic and foreign customers due to 62% completion. In 2011, the Company "CNT" became a participant of the "Skolkovo" fund and the same year received a grant in the amount of RUR 23800000-00. In 2013, the "tubing" LLC successfully reported on the execution of the project and the expenditure of funds.

The company's products


Stable in vitro grown silicon carbide low defected plate thickness of 50-250 nm following polytypes of silicon carbide 3C-SiC, 4H-SiC on Si substrates 1,5dyuyma diameter. Plates nanoscale silicon carbide polytypes 3C, 4H, 6H diameter on a 1.5 inch silicon substrates

On the SiC wafers produced stably layers of aluminum nitride (AlN), i.e. layers of the type AlN / SiC / Si with a thickness of 50 micron AlN 1- 1.5 inches in diameter.

On the SiC wafers produced stably heterostructure gallium nitride (GaN / AlN / SiC / Si) with a thickness of 1 to 50 microns in diameter 1.5 inches. The density of misfit dislocations in the GaN layer below 107 cm2, which allows them to be used to create transistors and other LEDs. Electronic devices.

The half-width of X-ray rocking curve in terms of FWHM - ω-θ ≈ 800- 1500 arc sec, in terms of FWHM - ω-2θ ≈100-200 arc sec at a thickness not exceeding 150 nm, which is the world's best indicator,


Draft NCP Ltd. in 2014 he became the winner of the contest "Regiony- sustainable development"

On our plates can be grown nitride structure bypassing the intermediate layers, which reduces the cost of production at times and gives additional quality characteristics thus obtained nitride structures, especially gallium nitride and nitrides

Company Contact Information

Address: 195027 St. Petersburg Magnitogorsk street house 51 lit.Z.

Phone: (812) 320-23-19