Project Manager

Tsyrlin Vladimir

Founded in November 2014.

The main activity of "PLAVBETON" LLC: design, construction, reconstruction and repair of concrete vessels.

In addition, the following work:

fault detection and repair of concrete courts;

Strengthening of reinforced concrete buildings of steel ships.

Terms of delivery of concrete non-standard vessels and very attractive:

production of concrete courts at the place of their permanent operation at unequipped coast, in closed and remote inland and marine waters, etc .;

supplied reinforced concrete vessels of almost any size;

production of several vessels at the same time on the same coastal construction site, the dimensions of which do not depend on the number of simultaneously constructed of reinforced concrete vessels.

The company is actively working on the use in shipbuilding composite concrete - fiber-reinforced concrete and combined fiber-reinforced concrete (steel and composite bar reinforcement) with a compressive strength of the material up to 150 MPa.


Address: 107143, Moscow, Verbnaya street 8-1