Ruskompozit Group of companies "Ruskompozit"


Emil Yusupov

Description of the enterprise

Group company Ruskompozit - Russia's leading manufacturer, supplier and integrator of solutions based on composite and geosynthetic materials for oil and gas transportation sector, road sector, shipbuilding, energy, military-industrial complex, housing and communal services and construction.

Officially branded Ruskompozit Group companies joined together in 2008, but the history of the development of its productive capacity has more than 50 years.

The Group Ruskompozit companies include:

Plant for the production of composite materials of "Tverstekloplastic" (Tver, founded in 1965),

Plant for the production of fiberglass and geosynthetics JSC "STEKLONiT" (Ufa, founded in 1961),

industrial and commercial group of companies "do" (Egorievsk, founded in 1995),

Trading House "STEKLONiT Management" (Moscow, founded in 2002),

Research Company "Composite Solyushen" which is a resident of Skolkovo innopark (Moscow, founded in 2012)

and others.

Due to the specialization of each company into separate groups direction Ruskompozit possesses competences in the fields of:

research, development, testing and production of innovative products,

design and production facilities installation and construction works with the use of innovative technologies and materials.


In 2008 at the plant "Tverstekloplastic" start the development of production technology of composite mobile road surfaces, replacing traditional heavy road plates.

In 2009, new composite pavements tested successfully the first full-scale test of "Gazprom" objects and prove the possibility of the construction of temporary roads in the conditions of weak bases, swamps types I and II, in the tundra and permafrost soils. During patenting composite TIR get brand "MOBISTEK".

In 2008-2011 it begins the development of production lines of geosynthetic materials for construction and repair of roads in the Ufa plant GC "Ruskompozit". It is expanding its range of glass fabrics and insulation materials, reinforced plastics.

In 2012, "Tverstekloplastic" plant experts together with researchers "Composite Solyushen" and programmers of the Dutch company started development and adaptation of international experience spans the production of composite bridges and pedestrian crossings to the terms of its technical park. The first such bridge is set to. Starabaltachevo the Republic of Bashkortostan in the middle of 2013, even after six months single-composite two-part pedestrian crossing has been installed over the federal highway M-1.

Since 2013, "Ruskompozit" successfully has been developing and implementing projects with the support and under the order of the Russian Federation Industry and Trade, the Strategic Initiatives Agency and the Russian Foundation for Technological Development. In the same year begins the development of the industrial park "Composite City" based on "Tverstekloplastic" plant.

At the end of 2014 at the plant GC "Ruskompozit" Tver mounted experimental setup continuous filament winding for the production of composite articles of cylindrical form: buildings for local wastewater treatment plants and chemical-resistant containers, and the production of culverts.

A year later, "Tverstekloplastic" and "STEKLONiT" receive the right to use the mark "Russian nanotechnology products" for the inclusion of nanocomponents of the materials in the production of sheet rock "Grinkod" fiberglass culverts "STEKON" Mobile pavements "MOBISTEK-80."

In mid-2015 GC Ruskompozit experts together with experts of the Department of transport support of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to start developing solutions for the military-industrial complex.

At the end of 2015 the Order of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation factories "Tverstekloplastic" and "STEKLONiT" included in the list of enterprises that have a significant development for the development of industries and trade.

The company's products

The product portfolio of GK Ruskompozit more than 500 types of composite materials and about 70 types of geosynthetics and industrial fabrics.


Sales market


MIS Mobistek

production and transportation of oil and gas

Positive buoyancy, resistance to loads up to 80 tons, a multiple application, the use of the swamps I-II type, permafrost, tundra vegetation layer for protection and conservation of animal fodder base of the North.

Composite waste water treatment plants

roads, industrial and civil construction, utilities


The composite storage and distribution, chemical-resistant container

industry, road maintenance


Composite culverts

road construction, industry


Composite fiberglass reinforcement

industrial and civil construction, repair and construction of roads and transport infrastructure


Pultruded composite profiles

industry, transport



electrical engineering, power engineering, automotive


Spans of bridges and pedestrian overpasses

road maintenance


Stopping complexes (transport infrastructure)

road maintenance


Grids glass reinforcing Highway

road maintenance


Mesh polyester reinforcing Poliset

road maintenance


Grids glass reinforcing Gruntset

roads, oil and gas and gas transportation sector


Grids pipe-isolation Transet

oil and gas transporting sector


Multiaxial sheet rock

Repair of gas networks, the construction of new main gas pipelines


Multiaxial fiberglass

production of polymer composite materials, shipbuilding, aircraft and small boats


Structural Glass Cloth

industry, shipbuilding, production of small boats and aircraft


Glass roving fabric

industry, shipbuilding, production of small boats and aircraft


Cloth insulating glass

industrial and civil engineering, industry, shipbuilding, aviation, energy,


Fabric Glass Roof

industrial and civil construction, utilities


Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh facade

industrial and civil construction, utilities


Glass cloth wallpaper

industrial and civil construction, utilities


Geomat three-dimensional Ekstramat

road maintenance


glass fiber reinforced polyamide

Defense industry, automotive industry, production of farm products (mass market)


Insulating tape Glass cloth

production of polymer composite materials


Mesh filter made of polyester

Industry (chemical, metallurgy)