Scientific and Technical Center for Applied Nanotechnology

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Astral, concrete lightweight nanostructured materials radio-broadband, composite metamaterials, microfibre nanoporous carbon nanoclusters: soluble adducts, radiopogloschenie, photophysics laser, EpoksiPAN hybrid bionic wood-polymer nanocomposites fire-technical class G1

JSC "Scientific and Technical Center of applied nanotechnology." The main technological advance in the field of fundamental physics and chemistry of nanostructures and nanotechnology applications:

Synthesis and study of nanoparticles of polyhedral multilayer fulleroid type - "astralenes".

Development of physical bases of the giant resonance of van der Waals interactions clusters mesa substances on the basis of non-metallic nanoparticles of the toroidal topology creation and industrial production technology torus-shaped carbon nanoparticles.

Development of the basic ideas and technologies "chemical" synthesis of various kinds of nanocarbon particles obtain adducts which are soluble in polar solvents;

( "Ugleron C"), including water, organization pilot production of these new nanomaterials.

Development of pilot production of carbon-composite nanomaterials as a basis for creating a series of nanostructured polymers and composites.

Development and introduction of technologies of use of carbon nanomaterials fulleroid type torus-shape as modifiers properties of various construction materials and materials for special purposes at low concentrations of these additives.

The first experiments in the world to introduce fulleroid nanomaterials in formulations based on mineral binders and obtaining nano-modified composite concrete with high performance properties.

The world's first experiments in managing the mobility of cement and concrete solutions and modifying the properties of cement concrete plasticizers.

Development and introduction in industrial practice of modifying methods fulleroid nanomaterials of interfaces in a variety of condensed matter, including to improve the characteristics (mechanical and thermal) composite adhesives, structural carbon fiber reinforced plastics, fiberglass, building of concrete and other aggregates on mineral binders, and so on. Etc. .

The world's first experiments on the interaction of magnetic anomalies in the electrode gap with cold emission of astralenes and nanotubes and receiving spin-polarized electron beam.

Development of methods for a significant increase in service life and quality of protection (including hydrophobic) coating, including moisture protection of electronic equipment and the protection of monuments of marble from the weather.

Development management zernograficheskoy diffusion in composite alloys and the production of modified nanoparticles fulleroid composite copper-based alloys with high electrical and other characteristics, including current conductor monorail transport systems.

Getting through astralenes stable reversible nonlinear optical media for limiting electromagnetic radiation fluxes over a wide spectral range.

Investigation of the basic ideas of creating a purely optical switches type light-light based on a number of organic materials with astralenes differing ultrafast and low thresholds trigger.

Development of the basic ideas of using Astralenes for superabsorbent materials pulsed conductivity and high absorption of electromagnetic radiation, including in the terahertz frequency range.

The development of the basic ideas for the creation of composite materials, including building purpose (concrete), finishing and paint with the effect of self-cleaning properties and, using environmentally friendly photodynamic effects self-sterilization.

Development of technology for the generation of reactive oxygen species in the air flow power plants collectors and DIC in order to improve the efficiency of these systems.

Development of technology and organization of production of multifunctional Vandalism decorative and corrosion-waterproofing composite coatings EpoksiPAN based on water-soluble binders and modified astralenes basalt microfiber designed to protect against chemical corrosion and waterproofing products from metals and non-metallic materials for various purposes, including machine building, ship repair , bridge, road construction and hydraulic engineering.

Development and production of high-modulus carbon fiber reinforced plastics nanocomposites for efficient vibration-damping holders of the cutting edges in the machining and composite fittings for the construction of the nanocomposite and machines building.

The development of anti-friction tracks for the transport, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

Development and production of dry mixtures of complex additives for concrete lightweight nanostructured (LBBB) TU 5789 035-23380399-2008 (RF patent number 2,355,656), the development of design-engineering principles and conduct the technical policy on the use of light structural nano-structural concrete in bridge construction and in the construction of high-rise buildings and structures, the creation of a family of building materials with enhanced service characteristics for the construction industry in Russia, including the export potential of the EU.

Development of technology for the application of EpoksiPAN technology to enhance the strength, durability and frost resistance of concrete and wooden components and structures in the operated facilities.

Development directions of application EpoksiPAN technology to ensure the energy efficiency of buildings by improving their long-term energy-saving thermal insulation with coatings and plasters.

The development of a fundamentally new non-toxic disinfectants and drugs for medical purposes, based on the water-soluble adducts of carbon nanoclusters.

The study of characteristics of terahertz created new nanocarbon materials and development on their basis of forward-looking electronics devices, including nanoantenna, funds recognition, terahertz emitters, broadband anechoic materials and structures for the frequency range 0.05-3 THz.

Development of adaptive dielectric media with photodynamic control their dielectric constants.

The production line for manufacturing of dry mixtures of additives for high quality concrete

Technological production line of self-multifunctional composite coating "EpoksiPAN"