Волков Юрий Васильевич






Description of the enterprise

"SK" LLC operates in the Northwest Federal District since 2009.

The main objective of the company is the introduction of innovative materials in the modern construction technologies. To date, the main directions of development of this - composite reinforcement and bitumen emulsion paste.

The company's products

The company "SC" is by far the leader in Russia on the use of composite reinforcement (composite rebar is used to replace the A3 grade steel reinforcement). Replacing the steel reinforcement in the composite allows an average savings of 15-25% only in the material. It also reduces the cost of production and work, as the composite rebar is 10 times easier, so do not require special equipment for loading and unloading. Reinforcement is not destroyed by exposure to ultraviolet radiation, temperature differences, different additives to concrete, moisture, and therefore requires no special facilities for storage, and also possible to reduce the protective layer of concrete, which in turn leads to an increase in lifetime.

Bitumen emulsion paste (BIEP) - is the development of military-industrial complex, the material is produced in Russia. Approved for use in the housing sector of scientific and technical advice under the Housing Committee of Saint-Petersburg.

The use of this material allows you to perform a full range of waterproofing works on roofs, car parks, basements, foundations, bathrooms, anticorrosive treatment of metal structures, vapor barrier, etc.


We have already implemented a large number of projects with the use of composite reinforcement on the territory of the Northwestern Federal District. This is the foundation of houses of different heights (including altitude), power plant concrete slab products, crane paths, deep seismic modules,  runways and others. With photos and video reports of realized projects can be found on our website www.ooo-ck.ru. A number of projects in which our valves are used, are now undergoing examination. Many of our projects are unique not only in the Northwestern Federal District, but have no analogues in Russia.

Company Contact Information

Address: St. Petersburg, Volkhonskoye highway d.112

Telephone: + 7812400-4470

E-mail: info@ooo-ck.ru