JSC "MCBN" - design engineering company, founded in 2012. The team MCBN experienced experts, including Ph.D., three of the candidate of technical sciences, two graduate students, the authors of a large number of inventions. Seven employees are authors of patents in the field of nuclear energy and engineering.

Direction MCBN activity - creation of the equipment based on innovative new generation of electromagnetic systems using composite materials:

- Nuclear energy and metallurgy - electromagnetic induction pumps - designed for pumping liquid metals at temperatures up to 550 ° C.

Distinctive features:

- The use of composite materials of new generation,

- Increased efficiencies and power factor,

- High specific characteristics;

- Oil and gas - Electromagnetic actuators - are intended for direct linear movement of the rod without additional energy conversion.

Distinctive features:

- Cold rotor with permanent magnets,

- Unlimited range of lengths of displacement,

- High efficiency (more than 0.8)

- A small radial force rod tension,

- High speed of movement;

- Aviation and space industry - high-torque valve actuators - are designed to provide rotational motion at low speeds (up to 1000 rev / min) and high torque (up to 60 000 N · m).

Distinctive features:

- The possibility of excluding power gearboxes,

- Cold rotor with permanent magnets,

- High efficiency (more than 0.9)

- High specific characteristics (100 Nm / kg)

- The use of composite materials of new generation;

- Energy and Railways - magnetic clutches - designed for non-contact torque transmission through the non-magnetic (air) gap without energy consumption.

Distinctive features:

- The ability to adjust the time of failure,

- Extremely high values transmitted moments in the working gap of up to 15 mm,

- High specific characteristics,

- The ability to work at very high temperatures (up to 500 ° C)

- Damping shock loads,

- The use of composite materials of new generation,

- Levitate objects - retaining a predetermined mass of the object at a predetermined altitude (up to a few cm) without energy.


The quality management system is certified according to MCBN requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008).


- In the construction of equipment for nuclear facilities

- To carry out the development, production, testing and repair of aviation equipment

Cooperation with the scientific and production centers:

FSUE FSPC "" Start "to them. MB Protsenko "(Penza);

JSC "Instrument Design Bureau them. AG Shipunova "(Tula);

JSC "NPO" Saturn "(Rybinsk).

Major customers:

JSC "Concern";

JSC "Precision Systems";

JSC "United Engine Building Corporation".


- Participation in the project "Breakthrough" to create a closed nuclear fuel cycle technologies for the State Corporation "Rosatom".

Company Contact Information

Address: St. Petersburg, ul. Mill, 8

Phone: (812) 320-81-12

E-mail: office@smbdb.ru

Website: www.smbdb.ru