Union producers of products made of composite materials

Stepchenko Alexander F.

Director of CTI Union

"Union of manufacturers of products made of composite materials" (hereinafter - - "CTI Union") In January 2010, a professional non-profit association was founded. In an association comprised of leading companies developing a new branch of the Russian economy – Kompozit building.

The need for the formation of the Union of LPS was determined by a number of objective factors, including - the need for consolidation of enterprises - manufacturers of products made of composite materials, as part of the policy of modernization of the Russian industry.

Fragmentation manufacturers of various composite products, subcontractors, supplying materials and raw materials for their manufacture, as well as other companies involved in the formation of the market of pipe and other products made of composite materials, prevents the purposeful and systematic development of this sector of the construction industry with the necessary provision of its material and human resources .

In accordance with the declared policy of the Government of Russia, the task of meeting the needs of the market products made of composite materials must be addressed mainly by domestic producers. The solution to this problem is possible and necessary, due to its placing on the market, high-tech products replacing imported analogues.

The participants of the constituent assembly combining the following key objectives and directions deyatelnostiSoyuza LPS were discussed and adopted:

bring together and coordinate the activities of members of the Union, to strengthen and develop the material-technical base of the production of pipes and articles made of composite materials in Russia;

implementation and effective use of new innovative technologies;

achievement of the Russian branch of Kompozit building level of development, which will allow it to compete with similar industries in developed countries;

improve the quality and increase production volumes of composite materials;

to protect the interests of domestic products market participants from composite materials from unscrupulous manufacturers and suppliers of imported products;

participation in development and assistance in the implementation of federal and regional state of innovative and targeted programs and social and economic development projects;

participate in the development of national standards, the activities in the fields of standardization and unification;

development of research and scientific and technical work, participation in the development and examination of business projects, the development of national and sectoral programs, as well as in the development of technical and economic feasibility of introduction of products made of composite materials in industrial infrastructure;

development of international cooperation in expanding the use of ever greater range and number of products made of composite materials for different sectors of the economy with the aim of integrating Russia into the world economic community;

creation of a legal framework for the further use of new innovative technologies;

raising awareness of potential consumers of innovative products made of composite materials on scientific and technological developments, increasing demand for scientific research results and promote their use for practical purposes;

activities in the field of preparation of broad specialists in the manufacture and use of products made of composite materials.

Among the well-known Russian companies producing products made of composite materials for various applications CTI Union founders included: tubular products of different nomenclature of glass, carbon and plastics beard; containers, tanks, accessories and parts made of fiberglass, body-modular composite construction, shrouds and other products.

A number of companies belonging to the KMP Union, conducts research, design & implementation work in the field of new technologies and equipment for the manufacture of products made of composite materials. One of the main priorities of the CTI and the Union is to create on the basis of these enterprises scientific and engineering complex with a test database and certification centers.

Representatives of organizations - members of the Union under the program of Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology developed a set of national standards of Russia. KTI Union under the TC-63 Interstate Technical Committee submitted to the Federal Agency and reviewed the first edition of the national standard GOST R titled "Pipes and pipelines parts from thermoset materials reinforced with fiberglass. Technical conditions. " In accordance with the established procedure, the commissioning of a national standard called Standard prepared for consideration by its second edition.

Union LPS prepared and presented in Rosstandart development plan of 11 national standards for inclusion in the national development plans of national standards in 2011 - 20012 years.

A group of leading experts KTI Union included in the Technical Committee for Standardization №063 of fiberglass products, glass and products from them.







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