GS "Vineta"


Suhovinsky Igor S.

LLC "Vineta" - a modern, dynamically developing engineering company, which is engaged in designing and manufacturing products for the needs of military and civil shipbuilding, nuclear industry, transport, fuel and energy complex.

Currently, the company produces:

- Filtering equipment for various purposes;

- Equipment for fuel preparation;

- Water treatment equipment;

- Air and gas treatment equipment;

- Heat transfer equipment;

- Equipment supply systems;

The company also accepts orders for manufacturing of non-standard equipment according to customer requirements.

Since 2014, on the "Vineta" LLC is working on the development of the production of advanced polymer composite materials. For the manufacture of composite materials purchased by a separate production building equipped with the most modern equipment.

Composite materials. polyester fiberglass

The main areas of work in the field of composite materials is the use of glass-reinforced polyester, widely used in the shipbuilding industry as a structural and decorative materials.

The basis is a fiberglass fiberglass filler - polyester (vinyl ester) resin. As the outer layer is applied gelkaut - external "laminating" resin layer based on a dye having barrier properties to UV and moisture absorption.

Products made of fiberglass are performed by hand lay-up, which makes it relatively easy to obtain parts and products with continuous complex surfaces without joints or reduce the number of joints to a minimum. Moreover, the manual molding production flexibility is achieved, which allows focus on customer requirements.

The advantages of fiberglass:

- Ease;

- Static and dynamic strength and durability;

- Competitive prices;

- High factory readiness:

• prepared for gluing components and (or) board assembly plane segments;

• "Mirror" prepared under the matte paint surface segments;

• equipment (if necessary) provision for "lazy" assembly;

• High precision "geometry" segments (and after) assembly consisting of UTC;

• exceptional portability in any vehicle for any distance at a low cost package.


These benefits are achieved through:

- Optimization of cutting planes in the development of products;

- Minimize the number of "seam" of the compounds;

- Variable cross-section of the molded laminate;

- High quality of the mating surfaces as the area (bonding or bolting), and on the horizontal (if any) and the vertical seams;

- To minimize the amount of equipment of first and second order.


Features of development of "Vineta":

- Self-supporting (frameless) spherical screen in the composite supports for small aircraft;

- Cylindrical screens for navigation simulators.