In 2012 for significant achievements in the organization of production of new models of equipment, Shipyard was awarded with the title "Honored shipbuilder". It also was awarded with medals "300 years of Russian Fleet", "In memory of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg", "For Strengthening of Military Cooperation", memorable badge of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Director. In 2014 Shipyard had won the contest "For the introduction of modern production technologies in shipbuilding" (2014). Candidate of Economic Sciences (1999).


Description of the shipyard

Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard (located in Pontonniy, Kolpino district of St. Petersburg) is one of the oldest Russian shipbuilding companies. JSC "SNSZ" is included in JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation", which unites the leading shipyards of the country.

The shipyard is located on the shores of the deep-water part of Neva River, 20 km from the mouth, and has a universal transport infrastructure capable of receiving supplies by road, river and railroad.

The Shipyard was founded in 1912 and for more than one hundred years of its existence had built more than 500 ships on 43 projects. Shipyard builds destroyers, minesweepers, missile boats, civilian vessels. Traditionally its customers were Russian Navy and foreign customers.

In 1914-1916 a series of eight destroyers "Orpheus" project were build. They took part in the Russian-Japanese war.

In 1930-1931 a laboratory of electric wielding under the leadership of academic Vologdin was created on the shipyard. One of the main tasks was to introduce electric welding in building and repair of vessels made from metal. In 1934 firstly in Russian history electric welding was implementing in construction of a ship (passenger ship "Beloribitsa").

During the Second World War the shipyard built pontoons boats for the "Road of Life". Later on Sredne-Nevsky shipyard was awarded with the Order of the Great Patriotic War of 1st degree.

In 1947 shipyard carried out the construction of minesweepers project 254, 256. The construction was carried out by the new technology of block thread-positional method. These ships were built in a very short period of time (7-9 months), was of low cost and small labor involvement. For the introduction of new technology shipyard’s director and chief builder were awarded by the State Prize.

In subsequent years the shipyard constructed large number of new modern ships for the Russian Navy. In 1950s for the first time in the Soviet Union Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard mastered production of ships with superstructures made from aluminum-magnesium alloys.

1960s were the beginning of the construction of large series of coastal minesweepers. For the first time in the World shipyard has mastered the technology of construction ships made from low-magnetic steel. Minesweepers of the project 266 were built for the Russian Navy and for export purposes.

In 1966, the world's first company that built a large trawler made from fiberglass.

In the 1970-1980 parallel to the main line of minesweepers construction, the shipyard handed over 27 vessels of 266M project for the Soviet Navy and 21 vessels for foreign customers.

In the early 80s modernization of the Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard begins. It was meant to let the Shipyard provide completely new quality of new ships. Construction of a series of 16 missile boat project 12411 ("Lightning") begun.

Today the Shipyard is Russia’s composite shipbuilding leader and the only one that mastered construction of ships and vessels of 4 types of materials: composite, shipbuilding steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy and low-magnetic steel. Shipyard also able to implement modern technology of composite hull production by vacuum infusion method.

In August 2011 a world technological record has been set on the Shipyard - a fully formed monolithic fiberglass hull for counter-mine ship for the Russian Navy with total length of 62 meters was created.

The company's products (range, industry and competitive advantages)

Today the Shipyard is working on building innovative ship of mine defense for Russian Navy and project 10750E for a foreign customer. Also hulls and superstructures made of fiberglass by the unique vacuum infusion technology are among of the main products of the Shipyard.

Advanced type of carbon-fiber catamaran project 23290 capable to accommodate 150 passengers and reach speeds up to 30 knots is being outfitted at the Shipyard. It is meant to replace the outdated hydrofoil vessels type "Meteor".

Continuing initiated in 2003 production of three-tier fiberglass superstructure for corvettes project 20385.

Construction of series of multi-purpose patrol crew boat project R1650 "Rondo" with a steel hull and superstructure made of fiberglass continues.

Within the framework of the international project ITER poloidal coil is manufactured.

The shipyard has its own design office (technical department) licensed to develop weapons and military equipment which are widely used information technology and computer-aided design and technological preparation of production in the entire cycle of construction orders. It is able to provide a customer with modern system of logistics and repairs if requested.

JSC "SNSZ" is equipped with modern equipment for sheet and sectional materials as well as the newest welding equipment from leading manufacturers.

The Shipyard is the only one in Russia that mastered package of software products that provide the preparation of production for complete vessels to be made from metal and composite materials: AVEVA Marine (vessels 3D-modeling), ProEnginer, FiberSIM.

Unified computing enterprise network integrates all administrative and manufacturing buildings and includes approximately 500 automated CPU workstations of employees operating under single system and providing automation of key business processes.

Advanced technologies implemented on the Shipyard combined with modern materials make it possible to reduce the gap in the domestic composite shipbuilding from World’s leading manufacturers.


The Shipyard was awarded with the Order of the Great Patriotic War of 1 degree;

The Shipyard has a list of acknowledgement of the President of Russia VV Putin "For contribution to the development of domestic industry and labor achievements";

It also was recognized as a winner of the Russian Federation Industry and Trade Competition in the category "Industrial Organization in military-industrial complex in the area of activity of Russian Industry and Trade Ministry of high social and economic efficiency";

The Shipyard was awarded with the prize for the first place in the St.Petersburg’s government competition "For creation of high-tech jobs";

The plant is recognized as the winner of the regional stage of the competition "Golden Mercury" in nomination "The best enterprise-exporter in the field of international innovation cooperation"

In cooperation with Rosatom shipyard takes part in the international project ITER (production of industrial design as one of six poloidal coils of magnetic fusion reactor systems necessary for the formation and plasma confinement)


Sredne-Nevskiy Shipyard, JSC

Zavodskaya str., 10, c. Pontonniy, Saint-Peresburg, RUSSIA, 196643

tel.: +7 (812) 648-30-50, +7 (812) 648-30-86; fax: +7 (812) 648-30-70